A Lunch full of complaints .
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

Wow , today is only my 97th posts . I'm in the mood to blog today :)

well basically , nothing much happened today at work . Still busy doing the golfing stuffs and the arrangements and preparations ...and tommorow is already my last day at work .

This afternoon as usual Bev and I walked out of the hotel to have our lunch . Since we're sick of the hotel's food and also Wisma Merdeka's .. we walked all the way to Rainforest Cafe to have our lunch . There were many people there which mostly consist of tourists ( ang moh somemore ) and it's like our 2nd time going there for lunch since our 1st experience there it was quite okay .

But today to our horror , all we did in that 1 and a half hour lunch break is to complain about our food from the appetizer till the desserts.. every single bite we ate we complaint =s I felt so bad haha but I think this is what Food & Beverage course did to us , being fussy people having high expectation on the service , food and watever .. haha

well , when the soup came , it supposed to be cream soup... the first thing I did to the soup was I played with the texture and I told Bev , this soup is so watery . ya but oh gawd which soup is not watery right? Then I started drinking the soup and omg the soup is like supposed to be the creamy type but the soup is not thick at all , its more like clear soup but the taste is still there just that it's not as thick .

Bev was okay with the soup .

Ok then I gave in... till then next come the main course , we ordered chicken grill something .. I forgot la because it was actually a set meal but theres this black pepper sauce on it...supposedly with pepper corns on it .. it was actually ok ...just that I just need to complain because I just can't swallow the food its just too salty .

The chicken was very well portioned but it is not tender at all , its a bit chewy and its hard to cut like omg its like cutting a beef .

The sauce was black pepper sauce and its so damn salty , it was all over the chicken and I swear I can't even taste it properly ... its just so salty and it covered my whole piece of chicken and I told Bev this ... : " I felt like soaking my chicken in the water now . " Seriously , I rather have my chicken soaked inside the water just to remove the sauce ... it sure taste much better than having salty chicken . I didn't even finish up my chicken and when the waitress cleared my plate she was like asking me am I done eating .. I was like =S yeah...obviously because I actually put it aside with my cutleries all placed nicely . Must be because of that piece of meat .

Bev's comment on the chicken was very hard , salty and no black pepper taste on the sauce at all . Luckily , she still can eat finish her own portion .

The vegetable was blanched way better than the 1st time we went , thumbs up for that thank god ! =)

The mashed potato was what I loved when I first went , and this time I felt so disappointed because the taste is just so different , no consistency , I don't crave for the mashed potato now . Anymore , sigh . It was actually why I go back there today , for the mashed potato . :(

Bev thinks the mashed potato is tasteless .

Last came our dessert , it was the Cream Caramel . Well it was horrible . I thought the cream caramel was hard , the texture isn't smooth ... the sugar is a bit too bitter ... as if its a bit burned I supposed .

Bev was saying the cream caramel was too much eggs used , the sugar is bitter .

Whats worst ? I thought I'm going to have ice cream for desserts =S instead of Cream Caramel . Because they gave us Ice Cream Spoon to eat our Cream Caramel . OMG okay.

And sadly , I didn't take pictures . I was busy ipoding and reading my new book , Mens are from Mars , Womens are from Venus ... Its very interesting and true , I find it so true sometimes I feel like crying reading it . Really loving it . You guys should have a read at it if you haven't , the book was actually out for quite some time already only to realised I felt uncontented lately and Im free so why not read a book to fill up my time .

Oh , and the other day I was using Internet explorer and mozilla to read my blog , I noticed my layout is like so cacat... but all these while I'm using Safari ... it's normal to me , so ya mind me if you see my layout cacat . LOL..

Denise , I know you're going to shake your head reading this post hahaha . :) Bev and I expected it ... haha .

So thats my rant for today .


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