Another Sunday .
Sunday, November 9, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

Well its just another boring sunday this week , Denise called and cancelled the plan last minute so ya since Bev n I am still sick ... so we decided just to stay home and rest .

Went to church this morning and I felt so relieve after the mass , its been a while since I last went to Church due to having to work on Weekends ...

After church went to buy medicine because I've finished mine . Came back from the pharmacy with even more medicines that I've expected , am hating it wherever im having cough and flu , my voice changed dramaticly sometimes I can't even hear myself talking or I had to like repeat myself a few times , & even shouting . Sigh .

Am feeling very drowsy due to the meds , guess I'm going to have my nap again now . =S


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