<3 Roxy & Quicksilver Sales !
Saturday, November 29, 2008 // 0 comment(s)

So these two days Roxy & Quicksilver nationwide had their once a year Friends & Family sales which my family , friends and I attended and its strictly only opened for members and 3 of their friends or family members ... really had fun especially yesterday because the management texted wrongly of the venue instead of One Borneo's outlet supposingly have their sales on yesterday and Warisan's outlet today so not many people actually went to the Warisan's outlet which my parents and I went to along with Mary .

Yesterday's shopping was much fun and relaxing , not to mention...MUCH lesser people...no queues and a lot of items still have stocks available compared to today's...I hate today , its like so damn many people until everybody have to queue to get in the fitting room and the cashier queue is so damn long ! Its so congested until you can't even feel the aircon ... its like sauna inside , sweating non stop while browsing for things..

Bought lots of stuffs especially clothings and also luggages until at the end after paying instead of using plastic bags the staff put all our stuffs inside the luggage ... lol ...not to mention my new ipod case which I happened to saw it , its black and it has patterns on it...and its so lovely!<3 Spent so much in that shopped , like RM1K+ =S didn't notice also lol...

The staffs there are also funny people , very friendly and as usual they always make you feel at home ... =) tried on their clothes and they'll go around giving comments even without you asking ... when I said they I meant by 3-4 staffs there walking pass they'll just stop and smile then comment and walk off...really nice =)

Really enjoyed my shopping this 2 days =D

Tommorow I'll be flying to Kuching with Denise & Bev ... hope we'll have tons of fun and I'll have more things to update later on lol...haven't finish packing =S So guess I'll go shower now .. LOL..

p/s: Sis , if you're reading this...don't worry we got you some stuffs too lol =P


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