Loving my Sisters =)
Saturday, December 8, 2007 // 0 comment(s)

Been really busy lately with studies ... endless assesments, assignments & presentations ...glad its almost all over...3 more days till finals for four more papers and I'm done for this term . =)Come to think of it , how fast time really flies ...I'm going to be in term 3 soon! Somehow someway I'm glad I didn't spend my time studying to the fullest ... yet I spent it with my sisters doing crazy stuffs together...miss those days when we drank alcohols while doing our finals assignments ... going out till late night doing crazy things and start taking SS pictures in the middle of the night ... going out for study purpose yet ended up at Coffee Bean online for 8 hours and taking silly pictures and only started to study at the last one hour? Hahahahaha really had fun with you girls =)

On the other hand , moral HIV / AIDS Theatre Fest was really a great and successful one...had fun there ... well guys.. although we didn't win anything , remember that we've won the audience hearts =) be proud of it! I Shall elaborate more of this day on my next post...currently feeling a wee bit drowsy... didn't sleep enough lately =X top up with the alcohol I'm having again now...so yeah..

oh anyways , 7 more days till we're going back to a place I call HOME ! Going back with GG , Denise and Kelvin =)) I'm sure it'll be a fun trip back home =) And I can't wait to see you guys already back home...really miss you guys =)

So now , a few random pictures of ours taken this few days ... got a lot more but its really impossible if I were to post all of it ...100++ images =P


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