What happened yesterday ?
Saturday, March 3, 2007 // 1 comment(s)

Yesterday was full of suprises .

Went to Lintas in the morning to have breakfast with the girls ( Beverly ; Jia jia ) ... and Jeremy went to . So , supposingly Raymond and Yiren promised to show up... ended up this two *pig* didn't come ... owh.. funny thing is I've never expected this breakfast will somehow turned to be a *Sunday School Reunion* for me . It goes like Beverly asked Aaron out and Aaron somehow asked Mark and Joseph out ... then when they reached Aaron go like .. I asked Eugene and Beyond to come too ... So I'm like ..OMFG? A reunion ? LOL

And then in the evening ... we had tea time at Yoyo Damai , and this time Yiren showed up and said he was still sleeping and all because he had to work for long hours so he can't join us in the morning . Then , David , Shum and others show up too .

While we're enjoying our time chit-chatting , an accident occured . A driver of Proton ( I forgot the name of the car ) somehow reverse his car and then it hit a motorcyclist and the motorcyclist just jumped off his motocycle without any injuries (Thank God!) Everyone looked outside and start commenting about who's fault was it and all .. then after a while everyone continue chit-chatting again .

Then at night the neighbour opposite my house had this open house to celebrate the last day of Chinese New Year I guess . There was about 100+ guest outside the house , and there was a dragon dance... a long long dragon dance and Lion dance performance for about and hour or so . The most interesting part was there's fireworks outside my house like 10 minutes non-stop ... so beautiful and I actually took the video of the fireworks from my house window ... too bad I accidently pressed wrong button and it didn't save the video ! = (( <3>

So this is only my 2nd post and my counter tells me that there are about 16 people who viewed my blog including myself ( I had to edit my blog ) , and I think excluding myself got about 10 people ... Not bad for a start ? =D


Blogger Soo said on March 4, 2007 at 1:53:00 AM GMT+8  

today's the last day for cny :(

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