Friday, March 30, 2007 //

Hey guys , thanks for spending time chatting with me about stuffs...create funny jokes to make me laugh and all ...advices...really appreciated it especially at this moment , don't worry , you guys are always the people I know I can count on =D ... I'm recovering... =D

Holla , waiting for Sunday patiently .

Last night I was chatting with **** and suddenly he go all crazy when he saw this pair of ummm...Pro Jump shoe... and he asked me how much does it cost...135 pound , so after converted to our currency it's like MYR 915.15! So then he keep saying how much he wanted it instead of getting a 2nd hand car , he wants that shoe ! See how desperate is he yet? So I told him it's just a pair of normal shoe la , get a car way better you can use it longer...but he was like , why not MYR 135 instead of pound , I can buy many many pairs and stock it ~! So I'm thinking , Okay ... he really wants them . Even his dad told him that if he wanted the shoe so badly he can just use it and jump to school everyday ... LOL *(instead of getting him a car) ... and that reminds me of Tigger from Winnie the Pooh like how Tigger just jump around with a spring and all that ...

After a while he showed me the Pro Jump website , as it was loading really slow ... he drew out the whole thing on MSN . (too bad I forgot to printscreen it) Anyways , to my suprise I thought it was just some normal pair of shoe that doesn't worth MYR 915.15...but when I see his drawings I think okay , that's something different . So I go to the website and checked it out ...I saw the shoe ...

LOL , what does it look to you ? To me , it looks like.... A BOW! =DD

Bow shoe that is worth MYR 915.15! *Faints .... =D and **** can just sacrifice a car for this !

p/s : Back to simple mode , easier for you all =D and now you all can just leave me comments after every post eventhough you're not a blogspot user . =D